Tuesday, August 22, 2006

2nd year:PJ

The rain was thick bringing a scarf of gloom around most, along with the rain coats and galoshas. The Third Street Pool Hall was the most optimistic shelter from such an ocean of falling water. The lighting was low but purposely dim. as if to bring across the undomesticated character of each individual staking through the hall. I had my head low and ventured to the back as if i had a purpose or reason. This is where I spotted a almost sickly skinny boy running a conner table. I sat and watched trying to add to the atmosphere by putting acrossed my most grim expression. I began to calculate the light and scene looking for a good point of view, all the technical jiborish. But I soon realized that unsheathing a two ton looking camera would quickly destroy and disconnect any mood in Third Street. I waited, the wait was long and nauseating as I watched image after image pass. Finally the sunken cheek and rib showing child ventured over to my conner. At fist I thought there may be a disputed or quarrel between us because he came straight toward me. I squared my shoulders and grimed my face hoping to deterrer any violence. "could you hand me the calk mate?" His voice was more child like then his body. "chalk?" I questioned, I was baffled that he had even spoken to me "oh, chalk right" I said with a reassuring tone looking around my shoulders for the square of chalk. I handed it over and at that moment knew that it was my 'in', I had to ask "do you think i can take a few shots of you" I brandished my boulder of a camera "sure mate" his name was erin.


Blogger NewPerspectivesPhotographer said...

Nice shot for starters. I also like the style you're choosing to write with but...the typos, (words spelled wrong or used incorrectly and such,) are distracting. Maybe just have someone else proofread it before you post? Spell check unfortunately doesn't always work. Would make my life easier if it did!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

The image has a great atmosphere to it, with the warm tones and dim lighting. I like the use of wide angle and the low DOF. The typos are a little distracting, but I like that you wrote so much... shows that you care a lot about your image.

5:42 AM  

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